Saturday, 9 July 2016

New Designers 2016

Today I visited the New Designers show, and saw some great work there. Also collected a lot of business cards and some nice postcards for my bedroom wall X) Today they had all the furniture, graphic design, illustration, animation and visual communication work on show.

D&AD New Blood

I told myself I'd actually update this blog, and so far I've failed XD But hey, now things have calmed down I finally have some stuff to post about!

My course exhibited at D&AD New Blood, which was busy as hell (yaaaay 5am start on setup day), but it was exciting exhibiting with all those other unis, seeing their work and meeting some cool artists.

Monday, 2 May 2016

MIVC602: Flowers

I've always been interested in plant and flower symbolism, so when designing the character of the Flower Girl, I did some research into the kind of flowers she might have. In contrast to the dark environment and the Black Owl, I wanted her to be mainly white and light colours (even if the comic isn't coloured), since white is a colour signifying death in Chinese culture.

The Flower Girl

White carnations are said to be symbols of faithfulness and purity, and also a common funeral flower.

Poppies are symbols of eternal sleep and oblivion, and white poppies symbolise consolation and dreams.

I also incorporated white chrysanthemums and lilies because of their associations with death and funeral flowers.

MIVC602: Black Owl

References I used for designing the Black Owl character. I decided to model this character on the owl, since it's a creature often associated with death and the night, and flies silently, connoting the Black Owl's nature as a spy in the human group.

The Black Owl

MIVC602: Mythology and Folklore

Once I had an idea of what to do for my comic, I started researching the concept of death in mythology and folklore, as well as spirits, gods and other magical beings associated with it. I became most interested in 'wights', which in recent years have come to be seen as undead or wraith-like beings in the fantasy genre. However, in Norse mythology, the landvaettir or 'land wights' sometimes refers to guardian spirits of sacred places. I combined both these versions to create the wights of my story, the warped dead spirits that now guard Purgatory.

The Ankou of Breton/Cornish mythology would form the basis of my character the Black Owl. The Ankou was a grim reaper that was a dead spirit himself, who wore a large hat to hide his face and whose cry was called 'Labous an Ankou' (the Death Bird).

As I began to shape the character design of the Black Owl, I also looked at the plague doctors for their similar design. Although 'doctors', their uniform was rather sinister, echoing the Grim Reaper itself, and was unlikely to be a reassuring sight to anyone unfortunate enough to be infected with the plague.

MIVC602: Wallace Collection

Once I'd decided to set the comic in an old mansion, I visited the Wallace Collection for environment inspiration, with the building and its contents dating from around the 1770s-1870s (including Rococo, Neoclassic and Baroque furnishings). I wanted to give the house an old-fashioned, gothic look.